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networking for women


Find diverse highly qualified female talent in the GUILD network

Your job(s) will be posted for one month on our website. We will feature your job posting in our newsletter to high caliber women mostly in the Bay Area and send it to select candidates in our network who indicated that they are looking for their next opportunity. Find out more about our community.


Post up to two jobs for FREE - each additional 2 jobs for $200. Your job will be featured for one month on the website and in our newsletter.

Payment step after you submit your posting. 

Contact us if you would like to learn about more options how we will help you find the perfect candidate.

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What makes your company a great place for women to work at?

Tell us why your company is an exceptional place for women to work. Describe your company culture and in which ways you support women to unlock their full potential.

What does your employee training program look like?

Do you commit to pay equity?

What's the % of  women in your leadership (director level and above)?

Has your company committed to target diversity numbers?

Describe your parental leave policy and other relevant benefits.

Are you interested in a complimentary diversity evaluation call and benchmark report?

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