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Guild / gild / noun

a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants;

an organization of people formed for mutual aid  or the pursuit of a common goal.

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We believe in equality for all, we believe that everybody has an even greater version of themselves inside of them and needs support to define and unleash their full potential.


We believe that the world is a happier, better place if we all have a chance to live our fullest potential. We help expand the circle of connections, find support and encouragement in the global GUILD community, and achieve personal and professional goals through the collective power of connections and knowledge.

Through curated offline and online 1:1 introductions, fun, informative events, advocacy research and our educational programs we help women of all ages and career stages connect with the right person and resource at the right time in their career to bring them closer to fulfilling their potential.

Whether that be a promotion in your corporate career, discovering your passion for impact investing or launching and growing your company.


Founder & CEO

After an eventful career on three different continents, Anne has experienced the importance of a strong network when relocating to a new country, launching and exiting a startup, and changing industries. She quit her corporate job in digital health innovation in 2016 to build the GUILD.

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Life at the GUILD is about creating serendipity in other people's lives by leveraging technology to help them make meaningful connections. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about connecting people and uncovering what unites us.

As an angel-funded startup we invite you to join our world-class team and take the opportunity to leave your mark, and make a difference.

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