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ChargeNet Stations is building the electric vehicle charging solution of the future. As more electric vehicles hit the road, our mission is to develop a charging experience that delivers low-cost renewable charging to customers while providing much-needed reliability to the grid, all while providing the customer with a clean, super-friendly user experience.

Our cloud-based software optimizes and stacks solar, storage, and charging into one consolidated solution that can be seamlessly integrated into retail and restaurant point-of-sale systems. By further utilizing consumer data, we optimize customer electric vehicle charging, allowing for increased operational efficiency and station utilization.

Our charging locations are built in underserved communities, which will equalize opportunities to access electric vehicle charging and renewable energy. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to building a diverse team. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability. We welcome your application!

ChargeNet Stations: charging our lives, changing our future.

Job Position: Senior Full-Stack Developer

Role and Duties:

You will be responsible for building and leading the technical development of ChargeNet’s backend software. Specific duties include:
• Building orchestrators to manage data flows from collection to storage in ChargeNet’s AWS cloud to utilization by other software modules
• Creating initial deployment strategies
• Assist with recruiting and managing a team of back-end software developers
You will have significant control and input to ChargeNet’s back-end solution!


• Passion for green technology
• Excellent communication and organization skills
• Independent and proactive, especially in building new products
• Built and deployed applications and microservices
• Years of experience working on team-based software
• Years of experience using AWS (EC2, S3, Lambda) and Docker
• Proficiency developing extensible, object-oriented software using test-driven development techniques
• English-fluency
• Experience with RESTful APIs as well as with pub-sub architecture
• Experience with Git version control
• Experience developing software to securely store and encrypt data

Preferred Qualifications:

• Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics or over five years of experience in a relevant field
• Knowledge of power, energy, and electrical physics and markets
• Familiarity with Jira
• Experience designing greenfield systems
• Experience connecting to databases, in particular graph databases
• Experience with Python and Pandas as well as Java
• Experience connecting to charger APIs and familiarity with OCPP
• Start-up experience

Two-thirds of ChargeNet's founding team (and leadership) are women. One of the main drives behind founding ChargeNet was that in our experience, many women, people of color, and other minorities have been overlooked in the energy and automobile industryies We seek to hire a diverse set of employees who want to make the world a greener place.

Currently, there are four full-time employees: two women, two men; three are non-white. We have three interns: one woman, two men; two are non-white. We are committed to the idea that a diverse workplace is a better workplace, and that diversity ultimately creates better products.

ChargeNet is developing products that will provide equal opportunities for under-served communities to have access to renewable energy and charging infrastructure.

Our recruitment process includes specifically targeting communities that may not be naturally reached by our personal networks. ChargeNet is also a part of the LACI, an incubator who has given us (a start-up with relatively few resources) many resources to help us keep diversity as a core company value.

We commit to pay equity; pay will always be performance-based. We do not currently have an employee training program, but will once our team grows beyond 20 full-time employees.

ChargeNet offers flexible working hours, health and dental care, and access to a 401k. A specific parental leave policy is not in place at this time, but we are committed to providing flexibility to new parents. As a founding member of ChargeNet who plans to have kids in the next year, I am personally committed to ensuring we have a robust parental leave policy that works for employees and ChargeNet.



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