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Sponsorship - Help a Founder Launch

Sponsor an underrepresented founder to DARE TO LAUNCH.


Your contribution will allow us to offer one seat in the next GUILD Academy program to an underrepresented founder.


The virtual 8-week program follows the steps in the DARE TO LAUNCH book and is hosted by DARE TO LAUNCH author Anne Cocquyt.


Anne has sponsored over 50 underrepresented founders with scholarships to the academy over the past two years.


Scholarship recipients have successfully launched brands and raised funding. Davina Koanohi, founder of Element Apothec for example raised over $200k in her crowdfunding campaign following the GUILD Academy.


Thank you for stepping up and helping more underrepresented founders start businesses!


DARE TO LAUNCH is based on the many inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs in the GUILD Academy and the GUILD community. 


If you like to learn more about the Academy, please click here.

Sponsorship - Help a Founder Launch

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