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Pitch your business in 8 Weeks
Dare To Launch
Self-Paced Program

Join this program to take action together with a community of diverse entrepreneurs. Validate your idea and get a crash course in all things entrepreneurship to launch and fund your business.


Present to investors and startup leaders at our bi-annual showcase.


I want to validate my business and would love to learn how to monetize it.

I admire entrepreneurs who build impactful businesses. 

I want to learn from them.

I wonder when I should fully commit to my business

I'd like to surround myself with entrepreneurs and give and get on my innovation journey.

I want to be more effective in pitching my business so that others join me on my journey.

I want to tell a powerful story to fundraise for my business.


We created a mini MBA for entrepreneurs like YOU to launch your business with the help of over 40 of the best founders, investors, and thought leaders.
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The Program


The GUILD Academy is for you if you are an entrepreneur ready to put in the hard work to build a scalable business.

The 8-module SELF LEARNER program provides the foundation for startup success.

8 Modules with short video masterclasses in each module full of advice by world experts in building successful businesses (no blah blah) 

Your personal Workbook with practical exercises and accountability prompts

A Toolbox and recommendations with the best software tools and solutions for your journey as a builder and founder

Read-Set-Go Startup Templates (Examples: Idea decision matrix, user interview templates, business model canvas, co-founder checklist, fundraising pipeline, ready to launch checklist, ...)


E-copy of the book DARE TO LAUNCH with lots of case studies from the GUILD Academy participants by Anne Cocquyt. 

Highly curated content libraries with up-to-date articles, podcasts, recordings, books and tools to dive deeper 

Complete all tasks and showcase your startup to investors at the next GUILD Startup Showcase

Lifetime access to all course materials 


SUPER CHARGE and join weekly live group sessions with Anne and guest speakers. All other SELF LEARNER benefits included.

Get your questions answered within 24 hrs (and many times within minutes) right in the course activity feed.

10 x 60 min live group coaching sessions

to get your questions answered. 

Surprise DARE TO LAUNCH Welcome package

to get you set up with some goodies for this journey. 

Listen to what Chelsey Glasson, Founder of Crucé has to say:

Enrolling in the GUILD Academy was on my bucket list for a while, and boy am I happy that I finally took the leap and completed the course! I've worked in product development and design for over a decade at some of the world's most notable tech companies including Google and Facebook. All those years I dreamed of using my skills to start my own company, but I hadn't the slightest clue as to how to get started.


Launching a company felt risky, daunting, complicated...surely not something I could do.

In just eight weeks I went from idea to launching a public benefit corporation ..., all thanks to the GUILD Academy and Anne Cocquyt's fantastic coaching.

Chelsey Glasson, Founder of Crucé


... launch your idea in 2 months

... pursue your dreams

... create impact in the world

... convince others to buy into your vision

... monetize your idea

... raise money for your business

Anne Cocquyt is a serial entrepreneur and super-connector in the US startup ecosystem. After building partnerships for Genentech’s innovation team, she founded her own startups and serves as an advisor to tech startups, digital health startups, a fund, angel investors, and corporate innovators.

Anne is the founder of The GUILD and author of the entrepreneurship best seller Dare to Launch.

"Nothing gives me more joy than seeing founders have breakthroughs, get their first paying customers, raise funding, and build their dream company."

Learn more about Anne HERE

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GUILD Academy Experts startup founders e
GUILD Academy Experts
Learn from them in video modules, recorded interviews, ask-me-anything sessions, webinars, panel conversations and pitch feedback sessions.




Module 1

In module one of the program, we focus on VALIDATING YOUR IDEA and setting goals. Define what success looks like. Give yourself permission to brainstorm and fully discover your curiosity. Use GUILD templates to prioritize your ideas and decide which idea to take through this program.

Study Hall Welcome: Join us at the GUILD study hall session and bring your questions.

  • Set SMART goals for the program

  • Create your Idea Wallet and Bug List

  • Sort your ideas 

  • Decide on an idea to pursue with the help of the idea decision matrix

  • Find out which entrepreneur's face you are

  • Decide on your secret reward when completing the program

  • Meet your peers

Module 2

Module 2 is a masterclass in USER RESEARCH. As entrepreneurs we have to be brave and talk to people! This will be a big part of your entrepreneurial journey ... have a curious mindset and ask your target customer about their experiences with the problem you are solving. At the end of this module you will have talked to 5-10 users and know with confidence their biggest pain point and who you are targeting.

  • Define a clear and concise user persona 

  • Schedule your first user interview

  • Get step-by-step tactics how to reach out to users

  • Utilize the ready-set-go user interview template

  • Articulate the problem you are solving

  • Create your first pitch deck slide

  • Capture feedback in the User Emotions Template

Module 3

In Module 3 you will learn how to build a PRODUCT PROMISE landing page. 

Decide which no-code or low-code platform to use without tech overwhelm and which elements you need for a convincing product promise landing page.

You will test your assumptions with your first A/B test and learn which tools to use to measure success.

  • Build your product promise landing page to test your problem statement

  • Decide with confidence which platform to use with the GUILD toolbox

  • Implement analytics to evaluate your success

  • Learn how to write website copy

  • Create your first campaign to capture and convert website traffic into sales

Module 4

In module 4 you put on the hat of a product manager and build your MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT. You will also play Chief Branding Officer and decide on your core values.


Build a low-fidelity prototype to mimic the functionality of your solution. Prioritize key features of your product. Explore no-code tools available to build your MVP.

  • Decide with confidence which features  to build and cut cost

  • Understand the different types of MVPs

  • Choose your no-code tool to put a functional MVP together

  • Build your MVP 

  • Create a brand deck to elevate your brand and build trust 

  • Define your core value and your "why"

  • Articulate your mission statement and the impact of your company

Module 5

This part of the academy dives into how to RUN YOUR BUSINESS. It includes a crash course in business models, finances, and how to build a sustainable financial model that supports you, your team and the growth of your company.

In this module, you will explore the different options to create revenue for your business.

  • Learn from 50+ Business Model Examples

  • Experiment and build out your business model canvases

  • Run a test to validate your business model

  • Know how to price, position, and deliver your value proposition

  • Create your business model slide

  • Relax with a self-care exercise

Module 6

It is time to talk about all things GO TO MARKET and marketing your product or service now that you have created an irresistible brand and a business model. 


Identify your target market, who to partner with, how to launch your product and which channels to focus on. You will learn the skills to start acquiring your first customers while testing if and how much they pay for your product.

  • Craft a powerful marketing strategy that helps you differentiate from the competition

  • Get a solid grasp on all the different "departments" of marketing

  • Generate an offer that is exactly what your customers want to buy

  • Understand the difference between paid marketing and organic marketing

  • Measure the success of your marketing campaign with easy-to-implement tools from the GUILD Toolbox