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10 GUILD Innovator Memberships (Year)

Order 10 GUILD keys for your company or ERG and give your team access to the GUILD. The keys open 10 annual GUILD INNOVATOR memberships for your group.  Your team gets their own secret group and decides which topics the group wants to post about.


Each woman receives:


Optional Regional or Global 1:1 Introductions

Global Online Community Forum


Free online events (webinars) (2 x 25$/month)

Chapter event discounts

(2 x 25$/month) 

4 Exclusive AMA’s with leading experts per year

Apply for exclusive programs     (e. g. founder funder)

Community Perks
Access exclusive GUILD partners perks ($50k) (see examples​)


Apply for Thought Leadership Opportunities

  • Membership spotlight to boost your brand

  • Speaking opportunities

  • Host a webinar

  • Publish a blog

  • Offer a perk

10 GUILD Innovator Memberships (Year)


    GUILD keys unlock the GUILD for your specific community - perfect for post-event networking or for your community who wants to stay engaged between events.


    Choose to either send the invitaiton through your account or send us the email addresses of the memebrs you'd like to send the keys to.


    For questions call: 

    (415) 890-5651 or send us a note at


    No returns.


    This is a digital product. For physical invitations, please select another product and we customize the invitation for you.

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