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- 4 week program -
get four 1:1 introductions for 30 min video chat meetings with highly skilled investors and female entrepreneurs 
NEW: Opt to also connect with vetted startup partners
Application are closed
Our next program will be announced in October
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get connected to relevant investors for advice and funding connect with startup partners
102617_Guild Serendipity_Buena Lane Phot
get connected to give advice to female entrepreneurs and the potential to invest
102717_Guild Serendipity_Buena Lane Phot
get connected to startup partners interested in development and branding advice

The GUILD is a smart networking solution to foster meaningful connections across multiple verticals.

This program connects female entrepreneurs with investors 1:1 for advice, fundraising questions and the potential to invest.

We added vetted brand partners to this program to offer complimentary consulting on hardware development, branding and software development.


You set up a profile and add your networking preferences. All introduction during this pilot will default to video-chat.


In the application we ask you specific questions relevant for the 1:1 investor - entrepreneur introductions.


Tell us about your startup


Tell us about your investment thesis

We let you know if we have space for you and send you your GUILD profile.



The GUILD algorithm makes smart suggestions for you to connect with up to 4 investors / entrepreneurs during the 4 week pilot.


Introductions are sent on Monday mornings with the meeting suggested for a time on Thursday.


You can reschedule the meeting, confirm or cancel if you don't believe the introduction is relevant. Always confirm the meeting before jumping on the call!

After the meeting, please review the meeting. This information is only visible to the GUILD!



Tell us what you think and keep us informed about successful investments or great meetings.


Tell us what worked and what didn't.

Your feedback will help our algorithms improve and make better suggestions.

We will ask you to evaluate your experience and keep us informed should any of the meetings result in an investment.


Read more on our blog "On The Table"


You connected with entrepreneurs / investors you would not have met otherwise.

You received valuable advice.

You had a chance to pitch and practice how to talk to investors.

You connected each other to other investors and successful entrepreneurs.

The ultimate success: You found your match and a successful investment will result.


This program is brought to your by the GUILD and complimentary for investor and entrepreneurs.

Please get in touch if you'd like to underwrite the program or host the founder funder lounge at SERENDIPITY with entrepreneurs and investors.

Your logo will appear on all pilot related communications.

More benefits available. Get in touch!


This was a great way to meet female founders with startups I wouldn't otherwise meet and I enjoyed being able to advise without the pressure of being asked to invest.   

Thank you so much for what you are doing! The goal is hugely appreciated and you are filling a gap for easier networking that is so critical for entrepreneurs!

This is a unique and a great effort. It is encouraging to see other accomplished women as well. 

Again, this program was brilliant. I'd love to be involved in an extended version and be introduced to 8 or 12 or 16 others!

I found the reception a very nice touch. It gave me an opportunity to mingle with other startups. I hope you'll include "alumni" at those events in the future to help grow the community.

Great idea. Your matching algorithm clearly works. 

Finally a way for women entrepreneurs to get meaningful relatable feedback not typically available in majority male contexts.

The Bay Area is rich with talented women. You meet them in your circles everyday. At the Guild, I loved meeting new women who offered a slightly different perspective and opened up new doors. 

Investors who participated in the GUILD's female founder programs in the past:


Mighty Capital, Omidya Network, Samsung NEXT, Day One Ventures, Golden Seeds, Maven Ventures, Next Wave Impact Fund, Plum Alley, Sandhill Angels, Wefunder, Cota Capital, Terri Mead, Nancy Hayes, James Currier, Madeline Duva, Rachel Sheppard, Dr. Alicia Castillo, Jesse Draper,  and many more

Brand Partners:

Starling Design

20180305_Starling logo.png

Venga Brands

venga tagline_blue.png

Response & Profile

Sep 4

4 Weekly Introductions


Sep 9 - Sep 30

August 30


Application Deadline

Sep 9

Receive your 1st Introduction

Sep 27

SERENDIPITY Founder Funder Lounge in SF


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