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Mini MBA for First-Time Entrepreneurs

- no student loan required -



A Bible For Women Entrepreneurs Starting Businesses


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Before It Happened Podcast with Anne Cocquyt

Dare To Launch will help you:

  • Take immediate action to launch and grow your business

  • Introduce you to the latest steps proven to launch successful businesses

  • Be in control of the company you want to create

  • Identify with relatable examples of diverse entrepreneurs and learn how you too, can de-risk your business

  • Understand the lingo in Silicon Valley

  • Decide on your funding options

  • Adapt your mindset to be a confident founder and dare to launch

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Author Anne Cocquyt breaks down the process of launching a business in bite-sized steps and explains how to implement the latest methodologies pioneered by Stanford, University of San Francisco, Berkeley, Y-Combinator, IDEO, and the GUILD Academy to rapidly test ideas, target markets, and sustainable business models.


The book is full of examples from the author’s own entrepreneurial journey across industries and continents and insider stories from entrepreneurs who have graduated from the GUILD Academy in Silicon Valley and beyond.


Each chapter includes practical exercises and links to checklists and templates for the reader to take action. 


“DARE TO LAUNCH - Mini MBA for First-Time Entrepreneurs” is an Amazon Best Seller and entrepreneurship essential that puts you in the driver's seat of your business and motivates you to step it up and gain an unfair advantage when launching your business.


No matter if you are setting out to build a billion-dollar Silicon Valley startup or a legacy family business, we all start at the same point: With an idea and a big vision.


This book is a fun, easy-to-implement step-by-step guide for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to launch their dream business, create value for their customers and learn from diverse entrepreneurs who have just been there, done that.


Unlike many other entrepreneurship high-level how-to guides, this book takes a fresh look at the definitions of success and offers new actionable ways to design your business with practical templates, exercises, and the mindset of designing for maximum happiness for all shareholders in your company - including you.


Be ready to answer tough questions about your core values, what kind of business you want to build, which funding options you would consider, what success looks like, what you suck at, and how much money you really need to build the thriving business of your dreams. 




“Dare to Launch is just what any prospective entrepreneur needs—a smart blend of the inspirational and practical. I met Anne a decade ago in San Francisco, watched her innovate and mentor startups, and always impressed by her rigor and dedication. She writes from down-in-the-trenches expertise, and knows which methods and strategies have a better chance of success. Still on the fence? Anne will get you to launch.”

- Jonathan Littman, best-selling coauthor with IDEO of The Ten Faces of Innovation

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At the GUILD, we developed an 8-week entrepreneurship program, which has been dubbed "Mini MBA" for first-time female entrepreneurs.

It's a best-in-class program that enables entrepreneurs to launch their business with the support of 40+ entrepreneurship experts, the help of their peers as well as the program host Anne Cocquyt and guest speakers.

More than 150 entrepreneurs graduated from the program and have succeeded in fundraising, getting paying customers, and hiring teams. Check the program website for testimonials from our founders.

Unlike other programs, the GUILD Academy takes busy schedules of female entrepreneurs into account. We offer self-care and mindset exercises that have proven to help underrepresented entrepreneurs tackle challenges unique to them.

We put together a library of guides, checklists, and templates that are tailored to early-stage entrepreneurs.

The participants pitch at the end of the program at our startup showcase with investors.

The book "Dare To Launch" summarizes the steps in the program that has already helped 150+ entrepreneurs launch their dream business and find success.

This book is based on the many lessons Anne taught in the GUILD Academy which is a best-in-class entrepreneurship program she launched in 2020.

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The GUILD Academy Experts

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The GUILD Academy Curriculum, Videos and Live Sessions

Workbook with practical exercises

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A note from the author:

Now more than ever, the world needs your ideas and the solutions you create to solve problems for your future customers.

That's why I wrote this book and we created the 8-week GUILD Academy program to help more female entrepreneurs and underrepresented founders launch their own businesses and raise funding.

All proceeds from the book go towards scholarships for the GUILD academy program for founders who cannot afford the tuition.

Anne Cocquyt

“Starting a new business can feel overwhelming—but not if you have the right guide. This essential book shows you how to launch a scalable business based on the latest methodologies in Silicon Valley. You’ll learn from the success (and failure) stories of top founders and investors and save yourself years of frustration.”

- Dorie Clark, author of Entrepreneurial You and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business


“No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey – trying to launch something inside your company, driven to make your side hustle into a big business, or still in the dreaming stage – you need the real-world examples and easy-to-implement steps in this book of collected wisdom.”

- Peggy Northrop, CEO, Watermark, board member and angel investor



All programs are equity-free!
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
You are eligible for a refund after submitting 4 weeks of coursework. If you tell us that you didn't see the value, we will refund you, no questions asked.

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