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Innovation Mindset in 8 Weeks
Launch Your Idea
For Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Learn from the best innovation experts, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders how to launch, grow and fund an idea.


Present your idea to investors and leaders in 8 weeks.

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The GUILD is pleased to offer this program in collaboration with the FOURTH FLOOR community at a 20%  discount.

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I have an idea but I don't know where to start.

I admire entrepreneurs who build impactful businesses out of seemingly nothing. How do I do that when all I have is an idea? 

When is the right time to fully commit to my business idea

Job descriptions require new skills. How can I develop an "entrepreneurial mindset" without working for a startup?

I feel lonely on my innovation journey - none of my friends or colleagues understand me.

I have a hard time convincing my boss of my ideas. How can I be more effective in pitching my ideas?

I do not have the right network to fundraise for my business.

I work full-time but have a side hustle. I don't know which step to take next. It's overwhelming.


We created a mini MBA for innovators like YOU to launch your idea with the help of 40 of the best Silicon Valley founders, investors and thought leaders.
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Listen to what Chelsey Glasson has to say:

Enrolling in the GUILD Academy was on my bucket list for a while, and boy am I happy that I finally took the leap and completed the course! I've worked in product development and design for over a decade at some of the world's most notable tech companies including Google and Facebook. All those years I dreamed of using my skills to start my own company, but I hadn't the slightest clue as to how to get started.


Launching a company felt risky, daunting, complicated...surely not something I could do.

In just eight weeks I went from idea to launching a public benefit corporation ..., all thanks to the GUILD Academy and Anne Cocquyt's fantastic coaching.

Chelsey Glasson, Founder of Crucé


... launch your idea in 2 months

... pursue your dreams

... create impact in the world

... convince others to buy into your vision

... monetize your idea

... pitch with confidence


Traditional MBAs are not that useful anymore;
... and overpriced IMHO
You meet professors and "experts" whose knowledge is not that relevant by the time they teach. We live in a fast-moving technology and startup world. Furthermore, the templates they share (if any) are not practical. You might learn how to account for a car on your company's balance sheet, but what about practical advice for first-time innovators?


Participating in the Guild Academy 8 week virtual accelerator course gave me essentially everything I wish I had not learned the hard way!


The information presented was perfectly distilled and action-oriented. The pacing of the curriculum, the inspirational speakers provided prescient take-ways, the access to experts and the ability to ask focused questions pertaining to my startup was absolutely invaluable to me and my team.


I think everyone who is considering a startup or business idea, who is currently in one, or who needs some additional focused training, should go through this accelerator.


You will up-level everything you know or thought you knew about the science and art of creating and sustaining a successful business. Do yourself and your team a favor - sign up, invest the time, and get ready to 10x what you are capable of. 

Dr. Julie Hakim, MD and Founder of a Vaginal Stent


Make a commitment and start your entrepreneurial journey today
In this step-by-step program, you will learn how to use existing tools to prototype your idea, get user feedback early on, make confident startup decisions so that by the time you launch your product or service, it is something people can't wait to get behind! 

Short-cut the Blah Blah and endless Googling, build your products with confidence, avoid expensive mistakes and learn how to build the network to fundraise for your company and get buy in from the right leaders.

We asked over 40 of Silicon Valley’s best and most reputable experts to share their top insights and knowledge with you. 


GUILD Academy Experts startup founders e
Meet the speakers who share their expertise,
insights, unique perspectives and
company-building secrets with you 
Learn from them in video modules, recorded interviews, live ask me anything sessions, webinars, panel conversations and pitch feedback sessions.
The Program


The GUILD Academy is for you if you are an aspiring entrepreneur ready to put in the hard work to build a scalable and fundable business.

The 8-week program provides the foundation for startup success.

Get your questions answered within 24 hrs (and many times within minutes) right in the course activity feed or group chat and join office hours

Join weekly live study hall sessions with live speakers for the 8-week program (recordings will be shared)

Read-Set-Go Startup Templates (Examples: Idea decision matrix, user interview templates, business model canvas, co-founder checklist, fundraising pipeline, ready to launch checklist, ...)

Access to recorded "Ask Me Anything" sessions with leading experts for each of the modules from past cohorts.


1 x 45 min 1:1 startup strategy sessions with Anne Cocquyt - book when it  fits your schedule best

Complete all tasks and showcase your startup at the next GUILD Startup Showcase

Lifetime access to all course materials 


A signed copy of the Amazon Best Seller DARE TO LAUNCH with lots of case studies from the GUILD Academy participants by Anne Cocquyt. 

8 Modules with short video masterclasses in each module full of advice by world experts in building successful businesses (no blah blah) 

A Toolbox and recommendations with the best software tools and solutions for your journey as a builder and founder

Your personal Workbook with practical exercises and mastermind prompts

Highly curated content libraries with up-to-date articles, podcasts, recordings, books and tools to dive deeper 


weekly (8 weeks)

5-10 hrs / week

Saturdays: New Module Drops 30 min video material + curated resources

Wed 12 - 1 pm PST live session with expert and program host

(recordings will be shared)

Optional Mastermind Group Session (1 hr) Choose dates and time that work for you

Build Your Startup Exercises We recommend 3-4 hrs each week to put learnings into action


1 x 45 min Startup Strategy Session with Anne Cocquyt to strategize your launch

1.5 hr Startup Showcase to pitch your company if you completed 80% of the exercises.

Book additional 1:1 Business Advice Sessions as you need. Recommended: 1-2




Module 1

In module one of the program, we focus on VALIDATING YOUR IDEA and setting goals. Define what success looks like. Give yourself permission to brainstorm and fully discover your curiosity. Use GUILD templates to prioritize your ideas and decide which idea to take through this program.

Study Hall Welcome: Join us at the GUILD study hall session and bring your questions.

  • Set SMART goals for the program

  • Create your Idea Wallet and Bug List

  • Sort your ideas 

  • Decide on an idea to pursue with the help of the idea decision matrix

  • Find out which entrepreneur's face you are

  • Decide on your secret reward when completing the program

  • Meet your peers

Module 2

Module 2 is a masterclass in USER RESEARCH. As entrepreneurs we have to be brave and talk to people! This will be a big part of your entrepreneurial journey ... have a curious mindset and ask your target customer about their experiences with the problem you are solving. At the end of this module you will have talked to 5-10 users and know with confidence their biggest pain point and who you are targeting.

  • Define a clear and concise user persona 

  • Schedule your first user interview

  • Get step-by-step tactics how to reach out to users

  • Utilize the ready-set-go user interview template

  • Articulate the problem you are solving

  • Create your first pitch deck slide

  • Capture feedback in the User Emotions Template

Module 3

In Module 3 you will learn how to build a PRODUCT PROMISE landing page. 

Decide which no-code or low-code platform to use without tech overwhelm and which elements you need for a convincing product promise landing page.

You will test your assumptions with your first A/B test and learn which tools to use to measure success.

  • Build your product promise landing page to test your problem statement

  • Decide with confidence which platform to use with the GUILD toolbox

  • Implement analytics to evaluate your success

  • Learn how to write website copy

  • Create your first campaign to capture and convert website traffic into sales

Module 4

In module 4 you put on the hat of a product manager and build your MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT. You will also play Chief Branding Officer and decide on your core values.


Build a low-fidelity prototype to mimic the functionality of your solution. Prioritize key features of your product. Explore no-code tools available to build your MVP.

  • Decide with confidence which features  to build and cut cost

  • Understand the different types of MVPs

  • Choose your no-code tool to put a functional MVP together

  • Build your MVP 

  • Create a brand deck to elevate your brand and build trust 

  • Define your core value and your "why"

  • Articulate your mission statement and the impact of your company

Module 5

This part of the academy dives into how to RUN YOUR BUSINESS. It includes a crash course in business models, finances, and how to build a sustainable financial model that supports you, your team and the growth of your company.

In this module, you will explore the different options to create revenue for your business.

  • Learn from 50+ Business Model Examples

  • Experiment and build out 5 business model canvases

  • Run a test to validate your business model

  • Know how to price, position, and deliver your value proposition

  • Create your business model slide

  • Relax with a self-care exercise

Module 6

It is time to talk about all things GO TO MARKET and marketing your product or service now that you have created an irresistible brand and a business model. 


Identify your target market, who to partner with, how to launch your product and which channels to focus on. You will learn the skills to start acquiring your first customers while testing if and how much they pay for your product.

  • Craft a powerful marketing strategy that helps you differentiate from the competition

  • Get a solid grasp on all the different "departments" of marketing

  • Generate an offer that is exactly what your customers want to buy

  • Understand the difference between paid marketing and organic marketing

  • Measure the success of your marketing campaign with easy-to-implement tools from the GUILD Toolbox

Module 7

FUNDING and which types of funding are available to your business is the big topic in this module.

Understand your funding options from bootstrapping all the way to Venture Capital. Get familiar with the pros and cons of bootstrapping, crowdfunding, revenue share models, grants, bank loans, angel investment and Venture Capital (VC).

  • Confidently set course for your company and decide on your non-negotiables

  • Develop a deep understanding of the pros and cons of funding options 

  • Look behind the scenes of VCs

  • Plan your fundraising strategy 

  • Build a solid financial forecast

  • Access the GUILD's rolodex of investors

Module 8

Last but not least, you will get ready to launch. Create a compelling story and prepare to PITCH by honing your storytelling skills. You iterate on your idea one more time, by building out your pitch deck.


Attend the pitch masterclass and get feedback on your pitch before joining the stage and showcasing the company you built.

  • Learn in the pitch masterclass which slides you need

  • Build a rock-solid beautiful pitch deck 

  • Learn storytelling tactics important to convince investors, advisors, vendors or team members to join you on your journey

  • Get a 7-step checklist for zoom pitches

  • Pitch at the GUILD startup showcase at the next SERENDIPITY summit with investors and pitch experts (optional!)

Choose The Plan That Works Best For You
All programs are equity-free!
one payment of
3 monthly payments of




for FOURTH FLOOR members
for FOURTH FLOOR members
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
You are eligible for a refund after submitting 4 weeks of coursework. If you tell us that you didn't see the value, we will refund you, no questions asked.
Enroll Now

Break into the world of Silicon Valley and Startups  

Bonus 1: List of more than 400 female-focused startup ecosystem partners like angel groups, investors, VC firms, educational programs, startup competitions and more

(value: invaluable)


Bonus 2: 1-Year GUILD PRO Membership & Access to 1,000+ investors and entrepreneurs

(value $279)


Bonus 3: Metrics and Market Masterclass - Deep dive on product and business metrics to set up your dashboard for full control

(value $699)


Bonus 4: Financial Forecasting Crash Course - How much will be in your bank account in a year from now? How much funding do you need?

(value $499)

Bonus 5: COO & HR Toolkit - How to decide who to hire and how. Includes contract templates, toolbox, organizational best practice guide

(value $699)

FOURTH FLOOR Bonus: Complimentary STARTUP ADVICE call with Anne

(value $450)

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 3.47.48 PM.png
Volleyball History Timeline Infographic
Volleyball History Timeline Infographic

Tools, guides and templates you will have access to

  • A matrix to help you overcome idea paralysis


  • Making user interviews less daunting and more fun with ready-set-go User Interview templates

  • Survey Canvas - How to get insights, not just answers

  • Instructions for creating your Product Promise Landing Page in a weekend

  • 20 tools to simulate any MVP no matter how techy your industry

  • Marketing Channel Prioritization System to choose your channel without social media overwhelm

  • The Pirate Funnel Template: Don’t let 98% of the traffic on your website slip away - Understand the power of lead magnets and the pirate funnel

  • Mindmap: Create Content Ideas for 6 months in 2 hours

  • Avoiding accounting mess - The accounting system that works for you not against you

  • Tools and templates how to incorporate with confidence without hiring $1,000/hr lawyers

  • Your company dashboard and your Northstar Metric 

  • Recipe for cooking up your first engaging email marketing campaign and how to automate emails

  • A beautiful Workbook with exercises, motivation and explanation each week

  • Beyond colors and fonts - a guide of how to develop your brand, strategy, values and a brand book

  • Business Model Canvas - case studies of different business models and how to test them

  • I need money - funding checklist on which questions to ask before deciding on how to fund your business 

  • Fundraising Strategy 15-step to-do list

  • Investor Pipeline template

  • Hire like a pro - Step by step guide on how to set up a hiring process 

  • Startup Templates, advisor agreements, employee contracts and NDAs to make startup life easy

  • Sales teams - tip sheet on how to get the best performance from your sales team

  • Working with contractors and agencies - what to think about before pulling the trigger

  • Co-Founder decision support framework - Do I need a co-founder?

  • Co-founder Checklist to ensure you talked about everything before s*** hits the fan

  • Startup COO 101 - setting up structure and process for early-stage companies without red tape 

  • Company Update - 5 tips how to structure a concise company update and activate your advisors and  investors

  • Self-care Exercises in each module to keep you happy and healthy


  • Business Readiness Checklist - Are you ready to take the leap?

  • Beautiful Online Platform and App with all course materials

We don't just copy one approach that's proven in the startup innovation world. We use our own concoction of the latest methodologies, proprietary templates, and highly curated resources based on what worked for entrepreneurs and innovators who just successfully launched their business, raised funding, or innovated in their companies.
GUILD Academy Logo white (1).png



"As someone with no experience in business or entrepreneurship, the academy has been the blueprint I needed to make my idea a reality.


It provided the exact steps and the right resources for me to launch my MVP and get the first paying customers.


Anne & her team did a phenomenal job with the content, and choosing the right experts. They supported us every step of the way, answering questions, providing perks, webinars, resources, basically anything we needed.


The 1:1 sessions with Anne were invaluable to get the feedback I needed on my pitch and progress. I'll definitely refer back to the learnings from the academy often as I progress with my business. It's been one of the best decisions I've made. Thank you GUILD academy!"


Lirida Kercelli, Founder Learnable

Lirida Kercelli.jpeg
leap into entrepreneurship

Each week, you can access a new module of the program.

If after 4 weeks you are not convinced that this program will help you take the leap into entrepreneurship, submit 4 weeks of coursework and we will issue a full refund. We ask for the coursework because we believe in the transformational power of the program and want you to experience it too.

100% Money Back

GUILD Academy Total Value: $21,675

YOUR GUILD Academy investment: $1,495

Here is what's included in the GUILD Academy

  • 8-Module GUILD Academy Program

This 8-Module system has  been created with 30 of the most relevant experts in entrepreneurship from Silicon Valley 

value $10,000

  • Ready-Set-Go Templates and Checklists

These templates have been developed with entrepreneurs, experts in finance, lawyers and user researchers to bring you the most relevant checklists, templates and guides to launch your business without having to reinvent the wheel

value $5,000

  • Bonus Materials

The bonus materials and masterclasses to build your team and organize your business as well as operating with a company dashboard that investors will appreciate is a mini MBA in business operations in itself.

value $2,675

  • 24/7 startup support for 8 weeks + weekly study hall

Get 24/7 guidance and encouragement from our team of startup coaches and experts via chat on the GUILD platform - get your questions answered within hours.

Join weekly study hall sessions with live experts on Wednesdays 12:00-1:00 pm PST.

value $4,000

GUILD Academy Business Readiness Checkli
Am I the right fit for the program?

This comprehensive 30 question Yes / No checklist has been developed with experts from the GUILD Academy program.

Get instant access to the business readiness checklist. 


Anne Cocquyt, originally from Stuttgart Germany, is a serial entrepreneur and super-connector in the US startup ecosystem. After building partnerships for Genentech’s innovation team, she founded her own startups and serves as an advisor to tech startups, digital health startups, a fund, angel investors, and corporate innovators.

Anne is the founder of The GUILD and author of Dare to Launch.

"Nothing gives me more joy than seeing founders have breakthroughs, get their first paying customers, raise funding, and build their dream company."

Learn more about Anne HERE

Anne Cocquyt Founder The GUILD Headshot

"I have been coached by Anne years ago when I was an Executive in a company but also very recently when I just launched my first business. I keep coming back to her because of her caliber. Her experience as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, community builder, and business coach is simply amazing." 

Claire Saccoccini, Founder at The Graceful app

“In a world of stereotypical entrepreneurship guides, this book shines with practical case studies of diverse startup founders. A must-read for corporate innovators and entrepreneurs.”

- Shannon Lucas, Co-CEO, Catalyst Constellations, best-selling co-author of Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out.

"After the 1:1 call with Anne I was beaming with energy (smiling!), and felt so much clarity with where I wanted to go with my business- and how I was going to get there. Anne helped me break down actionable steps towards a launch, what once seemed like mountains to climb, and I could even start this week. Thank you!" 

Madeline McKinnon, Aspiring Entrepreneur

"Anne is so incredibly knowledgeable. I came into our meeting thinking that I was going to go in a certain direction with my business. I left our conversation with 4 other great options for other directions I could take. I really feel like my horizon was expanded by talking to Anne."

Courtney Flynn, CEO Supply Chain Savvy

“No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey – trying to launch something inside your company, driven to make your side hustle into a big business, or still in the dreaming stage – you need the real-world examples and easy-to-implement steps in this book of collected wisdom.”

- Peggy Northrop, CEO, Watermark, board member and angel investor


Our company has made such progress since the Guild! Since your class, our team has flourished and we have the most amazing partnerships and are in go to market strategy after we get through the regulatory pathway. We have partnered with a company that will manufacture our custom kiosk. 


We are opening up a Friends and Family round (and possibly the right angel).


Hope all is well with you! I just want to thank you for your awesome course - it was a game-changer and it made us pivot in the right direction. 


Amber Norbeck , Co-Founder of Aspir (now Opio Connect)

Julie Hakim.jpeg

Dr. Julie Hakim,

MD and Medical Director of Femtech Focus

Participating in the Femtech Edition of the Guild Academy 8 week virtual accelerator course gave me essentially everything I wish I had not learned the hard way!


The information presented was perfectly distilled and action-oriented. The pacing of the curriculum, the inspirational speakers provided prescient take-ways, the access to experts and the ability to ask focused questions pertaining to my startup was absolutely invaluable to me and my team.


I think everyone who is considering a startup or business, who is currently in one, or who needs some additional focused training, should go through this accelerator.


You will up-level everything you know or thought you knew about the science and art of creating and sustaining a successful business. Do yourself and your team a favor - sign up, invest the time, and get ready to 10x what you are capable of. 

For our crowdfunding campaign, we hit over $100k.


And I even won a pitch event I just did thanks to all your feedback and practice opportunities :)

Watch her interview as she explains what have been pivotal moments on her journey of bringing her skincare brand to market and how the GUILD Academy helped her. 

Davina kanobi.jpeg

Davina Kaonohi, CEO and co-founder of Element Apothec

Janaury Edwards.jpeg

January Edwards, Digital Marketing Specialist

I’ve been in the business world for over 5 years now and I’ve come across different courses and programs that aim to help founders to build and grow their business.


After going through the Guild summer academy, I can definitely say that the GUILD is amazingly different! 

The modules contain just the right amount of material and information you need to go through every phase of building a startup. There are lots of added benefits like the community of supportive and inspiring founders, 4-week sprints, and amazing events with thought leaders.


My 1:1 session with Anne really helped me streamline and define my interest and passion. I can’t recommend the GUILD Academy enough and Anne is just wonderful!  


Oh, and I got to know the GUILD via a recommendation. Goes to show how much members really value what the Guild offers. 

"This program is truly one of a kind - it's nothing short of extraordinary. I feel prepared every time I walk into a business meeting (for my startup) and without a doubt in my mind the GUILD Academy helped me feel that way.

One of my favorite aspects of the academy are the AMA sessions with an industry superstar."

Hallie Salko.jpeg

Hallie Salko, Founder of Bluppy

The Guild Academy is helping me get started on my business idea from scratch. It's saving me so much time from having to read endless resources and figuring things out by trial-and-error. The experts bring in their valuable experience from working with so many entrepreneurs/startups.

Thank you for the encouragement already Anne. I already feel different – understood, and among like-minded help. This company feels like the work I will spend the rest of my life delivering. But it is a hard fit with other programs. I feel at home already! Diving in to my modules now. Thank you again!

You feed my motivation. You opened my eyes and it helped me to walk in the right direction.

This week was so incredibly helpful in helping me realize exactly what I need to focus on both now and later down the line in my business model! It is awesome to see everything coming together so cohesively as we move forward in the program!

I absolutely love the GUILD Academy materials (packed with nuggets of wisdom) and the guest speakers are super helpful. This journey is amazing, I learned so much. It challenges me in so many ways, nudging me to be courageous, and yes, the journey is indeed the reward!

"I’ve grown more in the last 4 weeks than in 4 years in university. Although the University of San Francisco is an exceptional institution, the Guild provides education in more ways than one. I am learning so much and it has only been a month!


The material is presented in such a clear concise manner that it is easy to understand. Oftentimes, I have experienced people explaining something so much to the point of confusion rather than clarity. But not with The Guild. I am very grateful for you Anne and the community you have put together here. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will be able to achieve my goals not just in business but in life"

Silvana Angulo, Founder of a marketplace

Terrific resources, tools, and weekly challenges push me to take actual steps and help me to get closer to my dream. Plus the opportunity to ask questions and receive support anytime :-)


Thank you!!

This Accelerator is exactly what I needed.  Girlfriends are a great personal support system, but only other female entrepreneurs can truly understand what you are going through. They are kindred spirits who understand the journey, will hold you accountable, and are a community you can call when you need an ear.

This was the most useful session on pitches. I learned a lot just by listening to the investor’s feedback.

Hear what GUILD members say 

I wanted to let you know that from the founder/funder session, I got to meet a VC and they are making an investment. Thanks so much.

Highly actionable sessions at SERENDIPITY. Transformational experience with high quality content and the same incredible attendees of high caliber that I am matched with on the GUILD. I loved the diversity and relevance of every session.

We met Jill Bourque, Founder & CEO of Rushhtix, at last year’s Guild SERENDIPITY conference which resulted in an investment. Thanks to the Guild and Serendipity for connecting amazing founders & funders together.

Being a startup starting from scratch, it was important to hear stories from others, and be apprised of the available resources, and the support network. This is encouraging because many times I do not know what I do know, now I know of outlets who can assist.

I truly felt like I was not only learning from experts, but that they truly valued and supported me

Best virtual conference experience I've had so far!

Simply an inspiring and humbling experience being at SERENDIPITY 2020! I am so grateful to be part of a global community of like-minded female leaders & entrepreneurs, who are making an impact by being trailblazers, catalysts, thought leaders.

Thanks to the GUILD founder funder program, I got introduced to a company I invested in at the beginning of Aletta Angels


Let us talk about Consumer Testimonials for a moment.

Your results from the GUILD Academy may vary from consumer testimonials listed on this page. Many companies fail, especially in the startup space. We know that only a fraction of companies get funded by Venture Capitalists (less than 1%). Your results will be based on your goals, your level of effort, your business savvy, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, your market, timing and many other factors. Since this differs for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, income or fundraising results, nor are we responsible for your success or failure.

It takes lots of time, effort, and dedication to build a scalable company. We believe that we provide you with an incredible program to achieve your desired results, and the testimonials from recent participants in the program agree.


© 2022 THE GUILD, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

Choose The Plan That Works Best For You
All programs are equity-free!
one payment of
3 monthly payments of




for FOURTH FLOOR members
for FOURTH FLOOR members
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
You are eligible for a refund after submitting 4 weeks of coursework. If you tell us that you didn't see the value, we will refund you, no questions asked.
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